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Willow pharmacy / Urgent Medical Help

We hope you found the 111 video useful, this number takes you to a service which can offer immediate advice and direct you to a local facility, designed to meet your needs.

This could be an out of hours doctor, walk-in centre, community nurse, emergency dentist, or late opening chemist.

The NHS Choices website offers further support, with information on out of hours services, or you can check your symptoms.

They also offer tips on how community pharmacies like Willow can help, along with other useful options shown below.

Taking NO ACTION Will Rarely HELP, USE the advice available

As a community pharmacy in Langley, we want to bring real health benefit. With helpful Pharmacy Services

When To Call An Ambulance

Always call 999 if someone is seriously ill, or injured, or if their life is at risk. There isn’t an exhaustive list of where this might apply, a case of personal judgement. The circumstances given below are examples of where calling an ambulance is important:

  • Chest pain, or difficulty in breathing.
  • Unconsciousness, fitting or concussion.
  • Serious loss of blood, non-stop bleeding.
  • Severe burns, scalds, or chemical damage.
  • Drowning, or choking by whatever cause.
  • The onset of severe allergic reactions.

If you do decide to call 999, you only need to make one call. The operator can connect you to any, or all of the emergency services you require at the same time, to ensure they respond quickly.


Other Option For Support

If you, or the patient, are not in a  life threatening situation but still want access to support, or advice, there are a number of alternatives to 999 available. Almost all are NHS services and calls to 111 are free of charge from landlines, or most mobiles:

  • Call 111, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Look after yourself or the patient at home.
  • Visit or call your GP, or walk in centre.
  • Seek advice from your local pharmacist.
  • Visit NHS Choices website for useful advice.
  • Make your own way to a local A&E facility.

Bear in mind arriving at A&E in an ambulance does not always mean you are treated more quickly. 999 is a lifeline, choosing the right course of action helps people who need emergency support.

Don’t waste your time, call:  01753 313000