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Willow pharmacy / Residential Care

Willow And Residential Facilities

Helping You Care

Developing an effective relationship with a pharmacy is important for residential homes in Langley and Slough.

Willow understands the special requirements staff and residents have. We work alongside you, to meet your needs in a professional, committed and friendly way.

Medication is important to so many people in residential care. This can literally be a lifeline for your residents.

Willow pharmacy sees their needs are met and those looking after them avoid stress. Replacing this with assured support and an unsurpassed level of efficiency.

Professional Support

Managing residential care is a significant responsibility, residents rely on you and external oversight is a constant factor. Willow pharmacy can help with both:

  • Medication reviews for residents in line with CQC guidelines.
  • Reliable, efficient dispensing systems for avoidance of error.
  • Direct contact with our expert pharmacists for any queries.
  • Free disposal of any unwanted medicines supplied by us.
  • Medication supplied in Monitored Dosage Systems (MDS).
  • Visits and inspections to help you meet regulatory standards.

Our objective is not to be a supplier but a partner, taking a share in the workload and freeing up time. If you would like us to work with you, give our friendly team a call.

A Very Practical Service

A pharmacy with qualified staff and up to date procedures is valuable but Willow equally appreciate the need to help the day go well. We offer every practical support:

  • Free collection of repeat & acute prescriptions from local GPs.
  • Open late and open 7 days a week, for 100 hours a week.
  • Hassle free, safe packaging of all medicines for ease of use.
  • Large print labels as required, with easy to read instructions.
  • Extensive range of discounted over the counter products.

We believe residential care facilities in Langley and Slough can benefit from our pharmacy service and are happy to look at how we can assist further, meet specialised needs at your home.