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Willow pharmacy / Great Offers

Family Medicines & Health Products

Affordability Matters

As Langley’s community pharmacy, we want to make sure everyone can access personal care items when they need to.

We work closely with suppliers to ensure high quality at low prices. From medicines for a sudden cold, to a range of products to look after your health, to fine cosmetics.

Willow’s trained pharmacy staff are always on hand, to offer useful, personal advice. This helps ensure you only buy what you need and what will work for you.

Our objective is to see every household served at the time of day they need support, we look forward to your visit.

WILLOW PHARMACY wants to hear YOUR IDEAS on  what we should stock

How Your Pharmacy Helps

Our community pharmacy is open 100 hours a week, no appointment required. This offers residents of Langley and Slough the opportunity to see a medical professional when they need to, rather than take time away from a busy day. A few issues we often help with:

  • Coughs, colds and flu like symptoms.
  • Hay fever and a wide range of allergies.
  • Teething troubles, nappy rash, infant colic.
  • Constipation, diaorrhea, or haemorrhoids.
  • Athletes foot, corns, blisters, hard skin.
  • Dermatitis, dry skin, types of allergic rash.
  • Bites and stings, head lice, other parasites.
  • Sprains, strains, bruises and abrasions.

Your family’s health is precious and finding immediate support can often be the best way to protect this. A pharmacy is convenient, which is valuable, although their knowledge can offer more:
Ask For Advice  

Supporting Personal Care

The role a pharmacy plays in providing on the spot treatment is added to by support for your general health and wellbeing. Willow carry a range of products to help you stay healthy and feel good, from chosen additions to diet, to a well stocked cosmetics counter.

We all can be in charge of our own health and our team will spend as long as you need offering advice to help with this. This could be ways you might change your lifestyle, perhaps explaining how our pharmacy can help you give up smoking for good.

If you are about to travel, a pharmacy can be valuable. Apart from informing you on requirements, there can be any number of essentials to take with you, for comfort and safety.

Younger members of the family are well catered for at Willow. We have a good range of nappies, creams, baby food, medication to suit all ages and staff who understand children’s needs.

Willow equally support residents of all ages, from vitamins and minerals, to stocking your first aid cupboard. We are here day and night to see that the local community is cared for, why not:
Visit Willow Pharmacy  

You are welcome to call on 01753 313000 at any time during the opening hours