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Willow pharmacy / Prescriptions

Prescriptions At Willow Pharmacy

Dispensing Specialists

Willow Pharmacy Langley dispense NHS and private prescriptions. We are also able to provide professional advice, on how you can benefit from your medicines.

We keep a comprehensive stock of up to date medicines and use efficient wholesalers, to fill prescriptions promptly.

In the unusual event a prescription can not be completed immediately, remaining items are normally here within 24 hours.

Willow also offer a wide range of supportive options and NHS services to ensure you get the very best from your prescriptions, see further details below.

Prescription Support

Choosing to collect your prescriptions from our Langley pharmacy brings ongoing support. We offer a range of additional services to ensure the needs of patients are met:

  • Repeat Batch Prescriptions – We keep batch prescriptions provided by GPs, then supply your medicines when you need them.
  • Repeat Prescription Collection – For local GP practices, we request repeat medicines each time you need them.
  • Electronic Prescription Service – Willow Pharmacy are able to receive your prescription directly from your surgery .

The services above save you having to visit your GP to pick up a paper prescription. Registration is free, call into Willow Pharmacy or  fill the registration  form and post or bring it to us

Key NHS Services

The NHS wish to see that patients are supported and create a number of initiatives to achieve this. Our role is to make sure they are available to Langley & Slough residents:

  • NHS Medicines Use Reviews – A confidential check-up service, to make sure you get the best from your medicines.
  • NHS New Medicine Service – A few weeks extra support, if you are prescribed a new medicine to treat a long-term condition.
  • NHS Unwanted Medicines Service – Return unwanted medicines to Willow Pharmacy, where we dispose of them safely.
  • Emergency Hormonal Contraception – You can talk to our staff for confidential advice and the support you need.

We hope you found the synopsis of services we offer helpful. For more details, call our pharmacy at any time, or read more about a range of:
Pharmacy Services  

You are welcome to call on 01753 313000 at any time during the opening hours